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Witches - Incredible History Documentary

Published on 12 Oct 2018 / In Editors Choice

Witches - Incredible History Documentary

The witch, sorceress, enchantress, the devil's consort--she has haunted the human consciousness and captured our imagination for thousands of years. The fear of the witch is woven deep within our psyche, but, surprisingly, there was a time when the witch was not a source of evil. Known for her ability to harness the hidden powers of nature herself--she was the caster of magical spells and the brewer of healing potions. What are her secret powers? And why did they become so feared and despised? Why would the witch be hunted down so mercilessly by the Inquisitor during the witch trials of Europe's Middle Ages and in the Puritan heartland of Salem, Massachusetts? The reasons lie buried deep in the ancient past. Join us on ANCIENT MYSTERIES and learn the surprising answers to the mystery of the witch.

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