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What is Traditional Witchcraft? Medieval Lineage

Published on 31 Jul 2018 / In Pagan History

☆ The term "Traditional Witchcraft" can be confusing because some people use it as synonymous with "Initiatory Witchcraft" meaning a Tradition into which one is initiated. Others use the term to refer to pre-modern Witchcraft, or Traditions which are inspired by pre-modern magical practices. The modern era began approximately in the 16th century, after the Middle Ages. A Traditional Witch may be someone who traces their Tradition back to the Middle Ages, or who is inspired by Medieval Witchcraft.

☆ Edit: I cut off the first couple minutes of this video because I was just rambling, so I have cut to the chase, a little abruptly, I hope you don't mind!

☆ OathBoundSecrets is a collaboration channel dedicated to distributing free information about modern pagan witchcraft.

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